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  Credit conditions
How to apply for credit:
To apply for credit the following documents are required:

• Identification card
• Certificate about incomes
• Business-plan
• Bail

- Important conditions for clients applying for credits:
- Credit and membership application is filled in by persons who get credit.
- Business plan must be prepared.

- Decision of credit commission about non-objection of representative of union on region is important in monitoring (verification) blank of costumers.
- Membership fee in amount of 1/10 percent of credit must be transferred to Financial Fund of Union and issuance of credit will be carried out by Union within one month from date when the credit fee is paid.
- Besides, juridical persons should submit identification card copy of enterprise chief, reference from residence, list of employees, regulation, certificate, statistical code, TPIN, legal reference about finance of budget or reference about incomes.
-  Physical persons should submit copy of passport, reference from residence, legal reference about finance of budget or reference about incomes.

Credits cover:
Credits are paid off for production, trade, agriculture and stock-raising

Credits are paid off for 6-60 months period with 7-36 % depending on crediting aim and financing history of the client

The bail price should be 150-200 % of the credit amount or group bailing is necessary

Commission expense is appointed in amount of 2% if credit finance is between US $ 100 and US $ 5000 or 1.5 if credit finance is more than US $5000.
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