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AqroInvest vision is to promote and lead the best practices and sustainability of our members and support our members providing viable financial services as well as playing an important role in financial sustainability and economic well-being of Azerbaijani people.
AqroInvest mission is to contribute to the business development of the union members and vulnerable groups of people by demand-driven lending services...

About us
Agroinvest Credit Union (CU) of Azerbaijan has been established according to permanent license of the National Bank of Azerbaijan dated from 2001.
The CU targets to become one of the leading enterprises in the Republic in the area of microfinancing of indigent families and local enterpreneurs and creation of new work-places.

Credit conditions
How to apply for credit:
To apply for credit the following documents are required:
• Identification card
• Certificate about incomes
• Business-plan
• Bail

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Law of the Azerbaijan Republic About The Credit Union

This law is determined the creation of credit unions in Azerbaijan Republic, and economical, legal and organizational bases of the activity.

Clause 1. Credit Union Conception
• Credit Union is non-bank credit organization that is created by the volunteer natural persons and (or) juridical persons who have the little entrepreneurship subject by the gather of free cash means for mutual crediting of themselves.
• Mutual crediting is a short time and long time credit that give for paying agricultural and social needs of members on account of cash means that gathered in Credit Union.
• Credit Union has the own property, on behalf of itself can get property and non-property laws, can be plaintiff and respondent in court.

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