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AqroInvest vision is to promote and lead the best practices and sustainability of our members and support our members providing viable financial services as well as playing an important role in financial sustainability and economic well-being of Azerbaijani people.

AqroInvest mission is to contribute to the business development of the union members and vulnerable groups of people by demand-driven lending services with desirable depth, width and length of social outreach.

AqroInvest goal is:

• To provide quality and quick service for our clients

• Attract international investments to increase our portfolio provide viable financial recourses

• Provide professional trainings to our staff members and borrowers and improve their knowledge

• Become one of the well-known abroad credit unions of Azerbaijan via our strong polices and human factors

• Expand activity in more than ten regions of Azerbaijan including rural and distant villages.

• Provide rural poor with advanced loan conditions

AqroInvest Credit Union (CU) of Azerbaijan was established according to permanent license N02-10/145 of the National Bank of Azerbaijan dated from 2001. The main purpose is to develop small and middle-size businesses, increase fields of agriculture, trade and manufacturing, strengthen assistance to entrepreneurs and provide its members with financial resources and general contribution to the development of agricultural sector of the country. AqroInvest CU performs its activities in six regions of Azerbaijan, Imishi (main office), Sabirabad, Saatli, Bilasuvar , Agsu, Lenkoran. Agcabadi and Baku. Portfolio is 6592841.3 USD, active borrowers number is 2118

AqroInvest CU has established relationships with Agrarian Credit Fund, Ministry of Economic Development National Fund for Entrepreneurship Support (SKMF), Social Fund for Development of Internally Displaced Persons (MKSIF), Caucasus Credit, KIVA (US) and Oikocredit, Planis, Deutsche Bank, Symbiotics and MicroEnterprises. AqroInvest got 5 diamonds of the .

AqroInvest is the member of Azerbaijan Micro-finance Association (AMFA) and Micro Finance Center (MFC) Poland. Warsaw.

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