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  About us

Agroinvest Credit Union (CU) of Azerbaijan has been established according to permanent license of the National Bank of Azerbaijan dated from 2001. The CU targets to become one of the leading enterprises in the Republic in the area of microfinancing of indigent families and local enterpreneurs and creation of new work-places.
Credit union had been founded as LLC on 6 April 2001 In Imishli and carries out activity in regions of Azerbaijan and also in Baku.

It is planned to open new branches in most regions of Azerbaijan. And also became the participant of trainings of USAİD – international development

agency. Within several years the Union funded high quality service to its members. The operation is carry out by software.

We helped to invalid and refugee families in solving their social problems. 30% of our members are women. Our juridical members provided about 2500 people with new job. Aqroinvest credit union service the following.

Give dividend to members from gathered capital. Provide a loan with useful conditions. In accordance with legislation help on finance services and non-financial bank activities to shareholders. Gives advices on finance problems and help all kind of document.

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