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  Relations with the ACUA
Was the participant of conference of international credit societies and TESKOMB organization of Turkey and AESM of European Union held in Antalya, Turkey. Besides it, employees of the organizations by line of association and by means of Warsaw microfinance organization and CDC organization of the USA have attend in most training courses.

During the training courses on effective management of Warsaw Microfinance Center

The head of the ACUA Elchin Bagirov during the advising in the office of representatives in camp for refugees and forced refuges in Bilasuvar region of Agroinvest Credit Union
Evaluation report for "Aqroinvest" Credit Union


The origin of the organization
Azerbaijan Credit Unions Association (ACUA) in order to serve to all credit unions in Azerbaijan on date February 2003 created as a non official association with initiative of 2 private persons and 5 credit unions(“Komak”, “Aqroinvest', ‘Nurana', Amin”, “Nicat” and “Alinazarli”) and registered on date 29 December 2003 in ministry of Justice(Certificate#1103-QI-1497). Now, 53 credit unions is the member of ACUA. At the same time, on august 2005 Executive Credit Agency (ECA) was the founder of realizing the components of crediting of villages by ACUA World bank.

The members of ACUA sometimes meet in order to settle important questions and exchange views. One of the main activities of ACUA is legal and political reforms, propaganda, lobbying, training and advice services. They have worked together to develop Azerbaijan Credit Information. Now 53 CI and 3 individual person are the members of ACUA.

Strategic plan of ACUA
• Lobbying of questions on perfecting of legal and lawful base regulating Credit Unions activities
• To modernize the crediting, accumulation, deposit and internal control politics in the frame of CI
• To collect deposits to give warranty long term, self holding crediting source. ( after the government's official permission )
• To perfecting the operative effect of CU
• To strengthen profits, widen loss, and non profit assets, to create the capital of organization.
• To value the activities using the monitoring systems of PEARLS and CAMEL
• To conclude the financial condition, services, politics, diagnostically costs of loan portfolio
• To develop branches of associations in order to perfecting the CU assets.
• To join organizations like WOCCU(World organizations of credit counsel union)
• To create the English –Azerbaijani dictionary of micro financial terminology
• To perfect the technical development of ACUA(computer program of audit, information base, web site and e-mail communication line in regions, to enter the internet and so on)
• To create mobile financing system(for employers living in mountain areas and for invalid employers)
• To help groups of farmers and employers to establish new credit Unions

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